The beginning of my  process of using waste fabrics, you too can see the dumpsters of fabric.

In this video you can see inside a garment manufacturing factory and see the waste fabric.

My beginning uses of same shape pieces found in multiple in factory waste fabrics.

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The edges of a layout of fabric being cut off and thrown away so the pattern block can be squared.

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Wall Street Journal  video interview 2013 we talk about waste fabrics and how to use them.!129B5786-3DC7-4D94-BA9E-6933A3D1394A 

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 Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Examples of garments made with waste fabrics designers throw away.  The dresses are made with the same shape pieces created in multiples and in stacks.  These pieces come from the areas of fabric between designers pattern pieces if they are not using zero waste.  These garments demonstate what can be done to use the stacks of fabric that is thown away in the factory.  These areas can be included in designers design process adding a new demension to zero waste design.

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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend February 2012

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Sept. 2011

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