Melissa Portrait

Melissa Lockwood is working on a regenerative technique for the fashion industry.  Her project is to help designers see the waste pattern area as a creative space they can use.  When waste fabrics are used they stay out of the landfills.    

For 10+ years Melissa has been making garments with fashion industry waste fabrics.  She started this project after seeing dumpsters of fabric going to the landfills.    

Melissa has discovered a technique that incorporates waste fabric areas as design areas to create additioal garments.

Melissa noticed that factory waste fabrics are multiple same shape pieces. She found that many of the shapes were easily made into garments. 

Waste pieces are created during mass production of garments, along side same shape intended garment pieces.  Her query is that the same shape waste pieces are actually garment pieces too.

Her observation and use of waste fabric allows her to discover ways designers can look at these fabric areas differently.  The main concern is that massive quantities of waste fabric is sent to the landfills, especially during mass production causing pollution.  

Her projects technique is a regenerative step and an addition to the fashion indutries need to go zero waste.  When adopted by mass producing designers it will reduce pollution significantly.   

The massive depositing of fabric into the landfills needs to stop, its destructive polluting byproducts affect the atmosphere, our water and soil.   

Zero waste is a possible in mass production.  We just need to consider new techniques to make this attainable.   

In this site you will see  both geometric and organic shape design examples. With these examples designers can go to their drafting and design into the waste fabric areas.  By doing this the fabric will stay in the use-stream.

As a artist Melissa Lockwood’s IQTEST garments are made with concern and care for the planets health.  The garments she makes are sustainably made, colorful and fun to wear.

If you want somethings one of a kind to wear during the regenesance,  you can find it her her store.   Pieces are one of a kind, but can be made to order any size.  She creates with a zero waste practice with salvaged fabrics.  Her remnants are woven into rugs and garments.

IQTEST garments are clothing you can have fun in.  Its time to have fun again.  Be ourselves again. Be you!  Together we can make the world a better place for 100% of its inhabitants

© Melissa Lockwood 2021