Melissa Lockwood is available in person and online for consultations.

Melissa’s main impetus is to lower the impact of fashion industry waste on our planet.  She recognizes the potential of this practice to greatly reduce fabric waste.  She offers her experience, technique and to teach designers how to create garments with the fabrics they usually throw away.

Melissa is available for online consultations, in person studio visits and factory visits. Her goal is to empower designers with a tested theory and technique so the industry will become regenerative and sustainable in a major way.

Melissa recently finished two nine month Design Science Studio incubator sessions with the Buckminster Fuller Institute ’s Design Science Studio and habRitual.  There she was able to focus on the mathematical details and how to teach it to designers.

The method she teaches is a really easy and clear process when applied to garment pattern blocking with the pattern layout waste areas. While a designer lays out the patterns, Melissa can teach how to recognize garments in the overall 3D perception of the fabric in its totality.

If you would like to learn more about this project, process and or schedule a learning session feel free to contact Melissa at: 

Melissa teaching an adult up-cycling workshop.

Faculty Art Exhibit  "Creating with pattern layout waste fabrics”.  This artwork explains a technique that if uses can greatly reduce fashion industry waste of pattern layout fabrics.

Student works from The Putney Schools Summer Arts Program July 2022, 2021.

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