Dresses NYFW S/S 2017  "Touched with Water" 9/14/16

orange stripe
pink Flapper
Yellow Dot
Gold Dot
Betsey Gold
Muti Glow Dress
Water Dress
Paris Paisley
Yell Monster
White Fluff Dress
Gold Dot dress
Dot tee pants
blue kites 5

"Blue kite Dress" made from found off-cut remnant rectangle pieces. (fairly common shape"This fabric was found in the Paris garment district, medium sized waste container.

patch twist 4

"Patch Twist Dress" Made with the most common off-cut shape long narrow bands that are cut off the edge of most fabric stack layouts. this is done to square the stack. (Automatically trashed).  This fabric was found in Sunset Park Brooklyn.

white 3

"White fluff Dress"  Made with found remnant arbitrary shape someone threw away.  This fabric was found in the New York garment/fashion district.

paisley 3

"Paisley Curl dress"  Made from another extremely common remnant shape, a rectangle!  This fabric was found in the New York Fashion district.  a sample fabric discard.

Gold bead 4

"Gold Bead Dress"  Combination of a found square of beaded fabric and very common off cut shape a long wedge.  The wedge shapes can be long, short, narrow and wide.  These pieces of fabric are a combination, some found in NY and some in Paris.

paris paisley 3

"Paris Paisley"  This was made with found shapes (Long Narrow Rectangles).  Fabric found in Paris.

pink twist 1

"Pink Twist Dress" made from wedge shapes and narrow strips both shapes are commonly found.  Fabric found in Brooklyn and Queens.

stripe 3

"Strip Curl Dress"  Made from a large found rectangle.  Fabric found in Brooklyn.

holes 3

"hole Dress"  Made from fabric with test holes cut from it, this fabric was salvaged in the NY Fashion district.  The fabric was thrown away because, the designer only wanted the circles to test.  This was one of many, many, many thrown away.

© Melissa Lockwood 2016