Workshop CSPS Garment Transformations

IW workshop3

Melissa Lockwood IQTEST teaching a workshop on Garment Transformation.  The Workshop was designed with hands on participation.  We started with all participants bringing garments they no longer wanted and the garments were placed in a pile.  We had a social swap meet where people picked through the pile finding garments they wanted and had an interest in transforming.  Them a few examples of garment transformations were given.  Then we went into the individuals transforming their garments.   Thank you to CSPS and Donna the retired Home Ec. teacher who sewed and brought the machine!  

IA workshop7

We talked about the necessity of recycling garments and how fun and exciting it can be to make your own garments and how fun and life enriching the experience of a clothing swap can be.

Iq workshop4

I described as many ideas as possible as examples of garment transformation processes.

IA Workshop2

a skirt made from a shirt, showing how to make it.

IA Workshop1

a shirt made from a skirt is comfortable and fun!

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