IQTEST Garments are made from fabrics that are collected from garment cutting factories.  Mass producing designers throw away a lot of fabric.  They use the portion within their pattern area and discard what is outside of it.   

IQTEST has experimented with the fabric that is thrown away and has discovered that unseen garments are being thrown away.  IQTEST has been able to create garments from the pieces other designers are throwing away.  

This leads to the idea that mass producing designers are throwing unseen garments into the landfills.  If they look atthe area outside the normal pattern area, taking it to another level of analysis much less fabricwill be tossed and more garments can be created.

It is important that fabric is salvaged, repurposed and recycled.  Fabric that is thrown away is causing pollution and toxic waste.  Below are examples of fabrics designers are sending to the landfill as their waste.  IQTEST has made wearable garments with this type of fabric.

© Melissa Lockwood 2016