Melissa Lockwoods has developed a technique that utilizes garment industry pattern area waste fabrics, keeping fabrics out of the landfills.

When designers consider the pattern layout waste areas during their design process, they can design garments with the waste area fabrics.  This will create a use for these fabrics and stop its disposal into landfills causing pollution.

Her designs are geometric and organic shaped, zero waste they utilizing the shapes found between the tradition pattern areas.  She designes with the stacks of same shape pieces found between the original pattern parts.

When fashion designers take into account their wastes fabrics impact on the Earths environment and design with it,  they will reduce pollution and help the planet and its inhabitants live in a healthy system.  

The mass production of waste fabrics needs to stop.  In this site you will see garments Melissa designed retroactively from fashion industry waste.  You will also see garments she designed into the block pattern of traditional garments making a Zero waste mass production pattern layout waste areas.  

She encourages designers to look at their patterns in a new way.  Using what has been thought of as waste fabrics while still in their studios.  Sharing how to design into their waste areas, creating more wearable garments.

Design Science Studio &   Buckminster Fuller Insitute participant.

Melissa Lockwoods Independant project is moving forward with inclusion in the Design Science Studios : (r)Evolutionary project and “SpaceShip Earth Crew.  This is10 year project, completing the 1st year and second year as a cohort member of the Design Science Studio, Buckminster Fuller Institute and HabRitual. 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.

Inn  2020, 2021, 2022 Melissa completed two Trim Tab Space Camps with the Buckminster Fuller Institute (Mesosphere and The decade ahead).  She has also, participated in six exhibits presented by the Design Science Studio.

Thank you for the amazing experience with DSS+BFI!  So much shared knowledge, support and Love from the community they have created. 





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