Credits and Thanks You!

March 4th in Paris, France, at The Peninsula Paris

IQTEST Melissa Lockwood

Presented: “On Seraphim’s Wing”

Midwest Fashion Week in Paris France March 2016

A collection of garments made from salvaged fabrics.

Thank you!!  it was an Amazing time and you guys made it happen!!  Thanks for including me in the Show! 

Gigantic THANK YOU TO!

Berny Martin Midwest Fashion Week

Dimitri Dangou  Paris Show Creator

Ulrich G. Von Dran IV (Photographer).

Dennis Sinoussi (Photographer).

Nlaf Le Bellois (Photographer).

Dom Tom  (Photographer).

Andre of Paris Live Media (Photographer).

Creidim Media (Video).

Lux TV Media (Video)

Sima visualhh 

DaNisha Greene Stylist


Mickael Sefati

Stephen Alford

Aris Mabula

Clark Yessa

Olzhabay Nourzhau

Kyle Seconds

Chaleare Aoshal

Adama Diallo

Anisa Jaid

Anna Faye Chiara Duquesne

Besserat Habtes

Dalya Harrat

Dayanah Montero

Julie Jordon


Oksana Vielkima

Pauline Andreeva

Thank you to:

In NYC Studio photos: Svetlana Shomakhre, 

Washington DC Show "INTELLIGENT FASHION" Fashion Law Week

Thank you to all involved!

Legion Arts Exhibit and Fashion Show

Thank you to Mel Andringa,  F. John Herbert and Taylor Bergen.

Show Photographers: Charles Rain Black and Mike Roeder.

Hair and Make-up:  Sherry Roeder.


Brianna McAtee

Cara Hahn

Danielle Kemper

Elissa Teets

Jenny Valliere

Kenadie Wicks

Madison Lacy

Michele Wasta

Veronica Layne

Photographer: Jena Cumbo  Village Voice Article and Friday Photos on Runway

Photographer: Peter Tiso  Runway photos.

Videographer:  Wall Street Journal, Bryan Quinn.

Thank you to:

Stylists Fall/Winter 2013

Marquetta Williams

Demetrice Williams (Assistant)


Hair/Make-up Fall/Winter 2013

Yana Gorcheva Michelle Reda

Liti Luena

Lindsey Howard

Terra Baugh

Nicole Blackman

Kelsey Jancisin

Christina Bartolotta

Blake Novick

Julie Cipolla

julie baeza


Models Fall/Winter 2013












Thank you to:

Maya Noah for modeling the Spring/summer 2013 collection in the studio shoots.

Thank you to:

 Yinka Oyewole

For Modeling the line of "Scary Monster" Tee Shirts 2013 line in the Studio.  

Playing live at the Fall/Winter 2012, Show at Glass Lands in February of 2012, NYC Fashion Week. (Williamsburg FashionWeekend).

Providing his music for the Spring/Summer 2013 Show at Windmill Studios  during NYC Fashion Week.  (Williamsburg FashionWeekend).

Thank you to:

Jennifer Namari  

Victoria Erin

Cheryl Brown

Maria Alexa

Alexa Politano

Naya Janelle

For modeling Spring/Summer 2013 at the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Show Sept. 14th 2013.

Thank you to: 

Make-up Designory

Maria Emlim

Samantha Dametta

Kristin Presson

Lauren Whitney Snyder

Kristina Make-up

Make-up by Yana

For make-up Spring/Summer 2013at the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Show Sept. 14th 2013.

Thank you to:

Mazadib Couture

For Styling my collection at the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend the Show Sept. 14th 2013.

Thank you to Eli Kay for the Runway Photography at the Spring/Summer 2013 Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Show.

Thank you to:  

Arthur Arbit,  Alicia Osborn, Gina Tron, Sarah Lowndes, Briana Ryan and Hinda Asindraza.

For inviting me to participate in the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and All your help along the way!

Thank you to: 


For creating the video at the Williamsburg fashion Weekend Show.

DSCN1434 2


Andy Lin: Red Dresses and Gold Dress.

biyoshi: Black Dresses/Bright Dresses and Tops/Pants.

John Beedenbender: Hoodie Dress Jackets.


Sergey Logvinov: Bright Dresses and Gold Dress.

Britt Nieto: Red Dresses and Gold Dress.


Anita Menotti: Hoodie Dress Jackets.

Shena: Red Dresses and Gold Dress.

Brie: Red Dresses.

Raphaela: Black/Bright Dresses and Tops/Pants.

Mariette Papic: Black/Bright Dresses and Tops/Pants.

Jade: Black/Bright Dresses and Tops/Pants.  

Thank You!  Everyone who has Helped

© Melissa Lockwood 2016