About Melissa Lockwood



Designer: Melissa Lockwood

Brooklyn, New York

IQTEST Melissa Lockwood is an independent designer originally from Iowa.  She is based in Brooklyn, New York.  Melissa designs clothing with fabrics other designers throw away.  She has been researching the fabric off-cut waste of other designers since 2011.  After five years of hard work in this process she has had numerous shows in NY and this year in Paris Fashion Week in March. 

 She has designed and show women’s ready to wear and now additionally lines of men’s wear all made with discarded header fabric.  After a year and a half designing patterns for the men’s wear she is now creating a line of evening wear that use both found off-cut fabrics and LED light.  She continues the production of Women’s ready to wear and her line of Creature tees which have been a staple of her designs.

 Melissa is an environmentalist and an artist, She makes clothing to educate and show that the off-cut fabrics are a valuable resource not garbage or intended for the recycling bin.  She has made runway worthy and sellable garments with fabrics others chose to throw away. 

 Her designs are fun and playful they inspire a youthful positive feeling.  She uses bright vibrant colors and unique shapes and forms that are inherent in the use of the unique shaped off-cut fabrics.

Melissa is a conceptual artist. She studied at the University of Iowa receiving an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts.  Melissa is a self-taught fashion designer.                                                      Currently Melissa is focused on raising awareness about the environmental impact of the waste and toxic pollution the mass disposal of textiles is causing on the worlds environment.


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