Using factory off-cut fabric as a resource to make garments!

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                            HAVING SOMETHING UNIQUE CAN BE FUN!!

IQTEST items are all unique and one of a kind it is build into the process of making garments with salvaged fabric!!  one item at a time to large orders we can deliver that one of a kind experience.

IQTEST Garments are designed to be fun and wearable.  The garments are playful and and bring the child/youth out of you at any age.

The dresses are all one of a kind and full of fun fabrics, colors and textures.  The dresses are made with new salvaged fabrics and are completely ECO FRIENDLY!

The Mens Wear is Fun uplifting and ENERGY FULL, thesegarments will have you pumped full of energy, probably having you jumping up and down at some point while wearing them!!

The Tee Shirts are SUPER FUN!! They are all still one of a kind!! They can be batch ordered and mass produced if you desire!  These Tee shirts make children laugh and giggle!  Make adults excited and happy!  They are FUNNY and FUN!!! 

IQTEST garments are made with fabrics that are collected from garment cutting factories. The fabric is what the mass producing designers throw away. The fabric is salvaged to keep it from the landfills.

It is important to think about the value of items beyond the usual uses. If one looks for potentials beyond the original purpose, lots of resources exist not wastes.

Look at the statistics of how much fabric gets thrown away!

IQTEST is focused on raising awareness about the environmental impact of the mass disposal of textiles.  28 million tons of fabric reaches the landfills each year. No environmental laws are in effect to control what the companies do with fabric waste.

Cutting factory excess fabric that is usually thrown away is a valuable resource not garbage!

If designers will look more closely at the fabric remaining after they layout their their primary designs, they can take the process to a next level and design from the remaining fabric.  I have made many garments from the pieces that were thrown away, I didn't even have to change the shapes to make a stylish wearable garment.  If designers will take the time to explore vertical off cut scraps and design from that they will create lest waste and make more garments.

One of a kind Garments made from factory waste!

Each IQTEST garment is made by hand and is unique. Many of the pieces have original artwork on them. Hand drawn images made with nontoxic screen print ink.

© Melissa Lockwood 2016